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Leadership research in my company

Time:2015-7-22 Source:Jinhanjiang Click rate:1614

Provincial director of intellectual property rights Zhang Yanlin (in front of the second from right), the state intellectual property office of patent examination collaboration center of hubei province total review teacher zhu ning (the front right) line of leadership research in the company

     On July 21, 2015, provincial intellectual property bureau chief Zhang Yanlin, state intellectual property office patent review collaboration center of hubei province zhu Lin, a total review division leads the research of intellectual property rights made a special trip to the company.

    During the research, a director, zhu always review division line of field visit to the gold is debugging the han new material industrial park, the chairman of Zhou Gugui intellectual property work in nearly a decade and the next step of work planning, fully affirmed the company attaches great importance to intellectual property rights and work achievements, especially a county enterprise can do intellectual property work so good, do this in place, or rarely seen. They want businesses to continue to carry forward and design patent prospective planning as soon as possible, pay more attention to the competition, pay more attention to industry chain competition, where the product market development, where the patent layout in advance, ahead to grab the commanding heights of the market and technology. At the same time, says it will actively support, cultivating enterprise to be a regional, industry

    Jingmen, intellectual property rights bureau chief Norman yeung, zhongxiang, vice chairman of CPPCC, accompanied by city science and technology bureau chief li jie research.

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