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Jingmen municipal party committee ...

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Jingmen municipal party committee deputy secretary and mayor XiaoJuHua (middle) rate, focus group the scene view
Jinhanjiang The company industrial park construction


On July 16, 2015, jingmen municipal committee of the seven-time seven times all (expand) meeting and economic work conference, half a year in our city to carry out the project to inspect. Jingmen municipal party committee deputy secretary, mayor xiao 】 chrysanthemum jingmen, such as leadership, straight unit, financial institutions, various counties (city, area) party chief, was, qujialing and large Chai Hu development zone management committee principal and jingmen, 14 straight investment program director Zhong Xiang to invest in the construction of the site to inspect my company gold han, new material industrial park projects.


  Focus group zhao-hui ma, secretary of municipal committee, mayor Lin Changzhou in our city, under the lead of the scene view jin han, new material industrial park construction, listen to the project construction progress and industrial development, and so on and so forth, industrial park of considerable scale construction projects impress project focus group.
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