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Company Introduction
    Jinhanjiang Company is the biggest professional company in cotton linter pulp industry in China. It’s the leading enterprise in the national cotton linter pulp industry, National High-tech enterprise, and Postdoctoral Industry Base of Hubei Province. The current production capacity is 35000mt. We mainly use cotton linter as raw material to produce flock, roll and sheet type cotton linter pulp. The cotton linter pulp is for production of acetate, cellulose ether, and nitrocellulose, widely used in military, aerospace, food, pharmacy, daily chemical, electrics, plastics, textile, building materials. The leading product, extra high viscosity M1000 cotton linter pulp, 5# extra low viscosity cotton linter pulp, and T20 cotton linter pulp for cuperammonium rayon, all have filled up the domestic blank, and changed the national standard. We have got more than 30 national invention patent and national practical new-type patent, and also awarded the national development fund and Hubei important science & technology specific project. Our product is widely used all over the country, and exported to more than ten countries such as Switzerland, Italy, Czech, Yugoslavia, Korea, Thailand, etc.
     Jinhanjiang always base on the cotton linter pulp industry to make the domestic industry stronger and lager, strengthen the technical innovation, speed up the industry upgrading, integrate into the global economic system. We start the building of the Iinhanjiang science park for 100000mt cotton linter pulp and 20000mt medical new material. Jinhanjiang will become a production base and export base of the pulp industry in China. A modern, internationalized professional pulp industry enterprise belongs to Jinhanjiang.
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