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Zhou Jiagui Special reports in jingmen

Time:2015-6-27 Source:Jinhanjiang Click rate:1610

      On June 24, 2015, jingmen, federation of industry and commerce to carry out to law-abiding people, the good faith management as the theme of the city's non-public ownership economy integrity of law-abiding deeds report. Jingmen, NPC standing committee, deputy director of the city federation of industry and commerce chairman Li Hang presided over the lecture.

     Chairman of the board of directors of the company Zhou Gugui problem with "the good faith management innovation zhiyuan", from a refunds cable, has created a new market opportunities, we are looking for a phone, into the power of innovation, a decisive decision-making, decided the enterprise credit level, the good faith, laid the foundation of market, a promise, is the power for a lifetime, a responsibility, career pursuit forever in six aspects, such as experience, practice, shows that good faith is the person's bottom line, the moral bottom line, is also a legal bottom line of enterprise management, but also the fundamental of business.
    Report, lively tour of the good faith management and enterprise management is not contradictory, should be a pair of twin brothers. Integrity is the process of the management process, is a higher level of management process. No pure honesty in this world, for honesty and integrity, especially under the condition of market economy the good faith, practical is the maintenance of their own interests and common interests, is the economic and political activities of mutual win-win. Report sincere touching, struck a chord with the assembled.
     Report also invited the city non-public enterprise legal corps colonel, hubei star Peng Xian wide, director for the lawyer's "contract law" special report.
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